At a glance: Gary

With over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry and real estate law, Gary is equipped with an unparalleled perspective to support his clients throughout the mortgage process. Whether it is achieving home ownership or refinancing to support financial goals, Gary’s greatest ambition is to empower people achieve their American Dream. He analyzes and simplifies the loan process, listens to and advocates for his client’s needs, and gives honest answers to educate his clients so that they can make the best decisions for their life goals.

Gary’s knowledge, empathy, compassion, and down-to-earth demeanor, allow him to provide his clients with an awareness of options, alleviate any fears, and deliver solutions to get problems solved. Gary strives to build genuine relationships with his clients and support their mortgage needs both now and in the future.

Gary Long is a Washburn Law School grad who enjoys sitting down with friends for some Kansas City BBQ, attending art fairs, taking in a great cup of coffee, attending wine and whiskey tastings, studying Spanish, and playing a good round of bad golf. Gary cherishes time with his family and is grateful to be the father of three wonderful children, Poppy to five amazing grandchildren, and owner of three loyal rescue dogs. He is passionate in his belief in bettering his community and is a committed volunteer for several local charities.

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