To develop our approach to home loans, we looked back to a time when banks listened and served as a gathering place for the town. There’s something to be said for open conversation, personal attention, and getting to know each other over a cup of coffee. We want to know your dreams and plans. And help you achieve them.

Instead of moving you out the door, we want to help you move in the direction of your choosing. That’s why we make sure you get a loan that fits where you are in life, and we guide you through every step of the process, from origination to closing and every detail in between. We want to get to know you and your goals and give you the personal service you deserve. It’s not what most banks would say is the way of the future, but we think sometimes you move forward by looking back.

Take a look at our loan originators below, and start working with our teams today.


dan farmer

Executive Vice President / Chief Retail Lending Officer NMLS #779961




Joylynn Gutierrez

Executive Vice President / Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #409547

Joylynn Gutierrez  works as the Executive Vice President of Bison State Bank, as well as a Mortgage Loan Originator, IT Manager and Compliance Officer. Joylynn graduated from Kansas State University, where she received her BS in Business Administration with a dual major in Marketing/International Business & General Management. She then went on to receive her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from KSU, as well. She has now been in the banking industry for 24 years and in mortgage lending for over 20 years.




Marvin Davis

Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #247386

As a loan consultant, Marvin Davis helps to find the best loan programs and savings to meet your mortgage goals. With over 26 years of mortgage experience, Marvin ensures that the customer is always his number one priority.



jim seibold

Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #250987

As a Senior Loan Officer at Bison State Bank, Jim has nearly 30 Years of experience in Mortgage Lending. To him, customer satisfaction is crucial, and he works hard to keep his clients informed throughout the entire process. Delivering a comfortable and informative experience when buying or refinancing is something he takes immense pride in. Outside of work, Jim and his wife enjoy raising their 5 wonderful daughters. He is an avid swimmer and loves to cook, read, and barbecue.  Jim is a huge sports fan and loves all things Jayhawks, Chiefs and Royals!



Jeremy Radford

Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #1610631

Jeremy Radford is who home buyers turn to when they need a mortgage lender who gets them and understands how to make the complex and challenging feel simple and easy.

Jeremy, his wife and their 6 children have called Blue Springs Missouri “Home” for over 25 years.  He is licensed in all 50 states and has originated loans in nearly all of them. With this wealth of experience, he guides and protects all parties involved around the pitfalls and missteps all too common in the industry… saving valuable time, money, and heart break.

Clients have come to rely on and trust his counsel and the impact this has on their life goals and aspirations. This relationship is built on quality communication, with refreshing transparency giving borrowers confidence every step of the way. Jeremy is always easily accessible so they arrive on closing day with zero fears, knowing nothing was missed, and everything is exactly the way he said to it would be.

Jeremy is often sought out for his expertise with the VA loan program.  He is always humbled to serve current and retired members of the US Armed Forces.  He truly appreciates all they and their families have sacrificed for his family’s freedom. 

Ultimately, Jeremy’s mission is to be a source of inspiration for each person he encounters, to support them in becoming the best version of themselves and to walk alongside them as they make steady progress towards achieving their dreams. 



Jim Hollingsworth

Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #2055915

Jim Hollingsworth was born and raised in Shawnee, Kansas.  His midwestern roots, steadfast family values, and strong work ethic are his foundation for all he does.

Jim’s family is his world. In addition to raising his children, Jim enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. His community pride is evident in his love for all Kansas City sports! Go Chiefs!

Jim’s degree in communication combined with his years of professional knowledge and experience, allows him to truly listen to understand his customer’s needs and find the solutions that are in their best interests.  He believes in earning the long-term trust and business of his clients and maintains a relentless pursuit and commitment to being there for his customers from the beginning of the application to the end of the loan process. He will be there to walk clients through every step and answer all questions in a friendly and approachable manner. Jim ensures the loan process is as stress free and smooth as possible. His loyalty to his clients and drive to work hard for their best interests, makes Jim the person clients want in their corner- now and in the future.



Gary Long

Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #1251299

Gary Long is a Washburn Law School grad who enjoys sitting down with friends for some Kansas City BBQ, attending art fairs, taking in a great cup of coffee, attending wine and whiskey tastings, studying Spanish, and playing a good round of bad golf.  Gary cherishes time with his family and is grateful to be the father of three wonderful children, Poppy to five amazing grandchildren, and owner to three loyal rescue dogs. He is passionate in his belief in bettering his community and is a committed volunteer for several local charities.

With over 15 years of experience in real estate law and more than 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Gary is equipped with an unparalleled perspective to support his clients throughout the mortgage process. Whether it is achieving home ownership or refinancing to support financial goals, Gary’s greatest ambition is to empower people achieve their American Dream. He analyzes and simplifies the loan process, listens to and advocates for his client’s needs, and gives honest answers to educate his clients so that they can make the best decisions for their life goals.

Gary’s knowledge, empathy, compassion, and down to earth demeanor, allows him to provide his clients with an awareness of options, alleviate any fears, and deliver solutions to get problems solved. Gary strives to build genuine relationships with his clients and support their mortgage needs both now and in the future.




Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #420790

Born and raised on a farm in Rolfe, Iowa, Travis knows the value of hard work. He graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a degree in Business Administration. He then moved to the Kansas City area, where he has spent the past 20 years in the mortgage industry. 

Travis is the father of two children, Trinity, and Emerson, and has been married for fifteen years to his wife, Tashia, who works as a nurse practitioner. Travis enjoys time at the lake with his family, coaching and attending his children’s sporting events, gardening, and working with his hand in his shop. 

Travis utilizes his wealth of knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry to coach clients through the mortgage process, empowering them to make the best choices for their life goals.

Clients can place their trust in Travis to take the time to connect, understand their needs, provide accurate information, follow up, problem solve and overcome obstacles, and give a positive mortgage lending experience- the way it is supposed to be.

Whether a client is a first-time home buyer, a retiree looking for their next home, a family wanting to refinance, or getting ready to find a new home, Travis will help you build your loan to build your life.



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