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At Bison State Bank, our primary commitment is to serve you, your team, and the wider Cannabis industry, providing you with an unrivalled white-glove banking experience. This commitment is evident from our effortless account opening process, our dedicated and resourceful staff who comprehend your unique banking requirements, and our unwavering dedication to your prosperity over and above our own. It is both our honor and privilege to serve the banking needs of the Cannabis industry.

How our process works

Why work with Bison State Bank?

Cash Deposits

Bison State Bank warmly welcomes cash deposits at our bank branches. This service promises to relieve some of your burdens, particularly the unnecessary costs associated with cash courier pickups at your dispensaries.

Cash and Coin Exchange

Our bank branches will also cater to your cash and coin exchange needs, easing operational challenges at your dispensaries.

Cash Transportation

For cash transportation, Bison State Bank collaborates with trusted logistics company. The costs associated with transportation will be forwarded to you transparently, without any additional charges from us.

Comprehensive Banking Suite

Bison State Bank offers a complete suite of banking services that includes ACH, Wire, Positive Pay, Online Banking, Bill Pay, Mobile Banking, Direct Deposit, Check Services, and Debit Cards Services.

Efficient Banking Platform

Our innovative software platform unifies the account application, account opening, and account monitoring processes into one efficient system. This system is designed to seamlessly integrate with most State Compliance Systems, particularly METRC, to ensure effective monitoring and compliance.

Customer Service Excellence

At Bison State Bank, we prioritize a customer-centric approach. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are committed to providing personalized service and support that is tailored to your unique needs in the Cannabis industry. They are always available to answer questions, assist with transactions, or provide banking advice to help your business thrive.

Security and Trust

Your peace of mind is our top concern. We have implemented stringent security measures to protect your valuable business assets. With our robust banking infrastructure, you can trust that your business transactions and financial information will be handled with the utmost discretion and integrity.

Investment in Technology

We understand the critical role that cutting-edge technology plays in modern banking. That’s why we continually invest in our banking technology, ensuring our systems are always up-to-date and able to deliver fast, reliable, and convenient banking services to you. From mobile banking to digital transactions, we’ve got your digital banking needs covered.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

We recognize the complex regulatory landscape of the Cannabis industry. As part of our commitment to our clients in the Cannabis sector, we provide guidance and support to help navigate the regulatory requirements, making sure your business remains compliant while focusing on growth and profitability.

Community Engagement

Bison State Bank is not just a financial institution, but a community partner. We actively engage with the communities we serve, supporting local initiatives and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the region. As your bank, we strive to foster a mutually beneficial relationship that extends beyond transactions, making a positive impact in our shared community.

Green Initiative

In line with the essence of the Cannabis industry, Bison State Bank is committed to sustainability. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint and employ green practices in our operations. From paperless banking to energy efficient practices, we are dedicated to fostering a greener future for our business and our clients.

A bank that understands how to be green

In an industry with limited banking choices, particularly in Missouri, we stand out. While other banks may restrict access to essential banking products or impose exorbitant fees, we take a different approach at Bison State Bank. We pledge to provide our Cannabis clients with all the products and services that we offer to our other clients, and potentially even more, but without the excessive fees charged by our counterparts.

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